51 The Esplanade, weymouth DT4 8DQ

3 tiers of dance floors provides music for everyone,

Resident Dj’s;

-Matty H
Matty H has been spinning on the decks since he was in nappies.
A massive crowd pleaser and always up to date with the newest tunes

GatesyGatesy, Otherwise known as Dusk’s infamous Manager will often drop everything to save our DJ’s from strife. Whether its covering a mix, a day off or repairing something they’ve broke, he’s the man with the plan. Just don’t tell him that or you’ll make his head bigger!

-Greg P
What started as a simple job as a glass collector spiralled uncontrollably into what can only be described as a dream come true for Greg. He has graced our turntables many times in the past and now he is one of our permanent residents. He knows how to get any party started and keep you jumping until the early hours.

-Stu Wood
Stu WoodStu is new to us at Dusk and has been below the radar for some time now. However, we at Dusk love to bring you new talent before anyone else and so we present to you, STU! Some of his mixing astounds even our experienced DJ’s, taking the cheesiest cuts and spinning them together with a thumping bassline… NOT TO BE MISSED!

-Stevie Nation
Stevie NationStevie is Weymouth’s Number 1 Homegrown DJ.
A household name around the town and has a music collection that would make Pete Tong jealous. If he hasn’t got what you want, then you must of been born in the dark ages!

Tel: 01305 788884
WiFi Internet: Yes
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