2009 AGM Mens

Annual General Meeting
2008-2009 Season

Monday June 22nd 2009

7-30pm Start – Redlands Party Room

Redlands Sports Club, Weymouth



Mike Ward, Peter Dodd, Tony McDonnell, Joe Foot, Dave Smith, Geoff Wiltshire, Ian Metcalfe, Ian and Pat May


Paul Wellspring, Matt Walkden, Sam Drewitt, Steve Membury, Steve Dymott, Andy Stiles, Rob Kennedy, Pete Russell, Dave Civil, Dan Dukes, Chris Hemingway

Ø Review of the season highlights

Ø Chance to vote for positions within the Club Committee

Ø Redlands Sports Club / Weymouth Astro Pitch merger with Weymouth College

Ø Club Mergers Debate

Ø Your chance to offer ideas to help with the ongoing development of the club and provide input

Evening Format:

Ø Minutes Review

Ø Reports

§ Club report

§ Accounts

§ Summary – Subscription revenues down by £500, from ~£1500 to ~£1000. Travel roughly consistent. Need to work on how we collect more Subs. Match fees consistent to 2007-08 season. We need to encourage people to stay and build more of the social aspect.

§ Easter fund up from £700 to £2000.

§ Club typically running at break even. We need to improve our recoverability. AGM votes to maintain current 2007-08 rates.

§ Non-Playing subs – to increase to £25

§ Above motions proposed by Paul, Seconded by Chris – motion carried

§ Fuel Rates – 15p per mile – raised during 2008-09 season

§ Easter Report/Update

§ Need to capture email addresses for advertising. Redlands organisation worked well and a profitable festival. Need more support from more club members to help carry out planning work

§ 1st xi report

§ On paper looked a good side, but didn’t perform. League restructure has helped keep the side playing against competitive sides for 2010. Side changed during the season, struggling to find players by end of season – probably due to lack of moral. Team/Squad lacked fitness to play the game the side was playing. Work effort was good but didn’t play intelligently or with experience. Regularly playing 7 to 8 under 18’s vs. other sides only playing a couple of U18’s.

§ 2nd xi report

§ Picked up good results during early part of the season. Long away games, limited on drivers and to get commitment from players for away games. Struggled to get away wins in first half of season. Need umpiring support, especially for away games.

§ 3rd xi report

§ Started season well, and a strong full squad. Moral good and team worked well to win against stronger sides. Towards end of the season, away games tough to get players. Big effort to Rob Kennedy to get a side together throughout the season to keep the 3’s out of the relegation zone. Rob needs a few extra adults in the side to keep experience levels up.

§ Juniors/Colts

§ Geoff entered the sides into the U18’s competition; side had a couple of heavy losses. It’s good experience but playing against stronger clubs like Winchester etc, it’s tough but good experience. Susie Stone has been very helpful and driving the development.

§ Dorchester mini hockey

§ Good numbers, good turn out, and a self funding project. Mini’s still providing a feeder to the men’s club sides.

§ Andy Stiles stepping down from role of managing the mini’s. Andy has done an excellent job over the past 6 years and has helped many players come through to the men’s club. Andy currently looking to approach a new apprentice to take over – officially we need a Level 2 coach but if not, we need an appropriate skilled person. The Club may have to help fund volunteers to meet requirements.

§ Club Coaching/Training

§ 2008 AGM Approved coaching funds for new club coaches.

§ As a club, look to see how we host a regional coaching session, open to other clubs to attend – involve ladies. – Clive Nelson to be persuaded to move to Redlands for coaching, or send a mini bus/shared cars to Wimbourne course in early September.

§ Lee Connelly used as coach end of this season – needs clearer direction from our club on needs.

· Suggestion that Lee has control of the training sessions

· Challenge is Lee plays on Saturday’s for Bridport, so difficult to coach teams he’s not seen play. However communication between Captains and Club Coach is needed. Captains also need to help boost moral and team spirit on club participation.

· 1st’s need emphasis on training the whole session, 2nd’s and 3rd’s also need time to “Practice” the coaching activities.

· Discussion about split training from 7-9, and 8-10 (1hr .30mins basis skills for 3’s and 2’s and a knock about game), also similar format with top end 2’s and 1st XI players. Plan an hour overlap between two halves of the club.

· Group carry motion to have Lee as Club Coach, and have support from Level 1 coaches.

· Dan Dukes to work with Lee on a training plan and training “Charter” document covering format and club expectations.

· Pre-Season Training to start in July / by 5th August deadline

Ø Resolutions

Ø Officer Elections (Changes Proposed need handbook places by 12th July)

1. President – Paul Wellspring – remains standing

2. Chairman – currently Matt Walkden – remain standing

3. Club Secretary – currently Chris Hemingway – remains standing

4. Treasurer – currently Geoff Wiltshire – remains standing

5. Fixture Secretary – currently Dave Civil – remains standing

6. Club Captain – currently Matt Walkden – remains standing

7. Disciplines Officer – (role of Club Sec.) – remains standing

8. Umpire Liaison Officer – 1st XI Player – (Assuming we have appointed league umpires) but needs filling to help all sides find an umpire.

9. 1st xi Captain _currently Andy Stiles – remains standing

10. 2nd xi Captain _currently Steve Dymott – remains standing

11. 3rd xi Captain currently Rob Kennedy by default – remains standing

12. Weymouth Colts/Juniors Geoff Wiltshire steps down – Steve Membury U18 captain and organiser, Dan Dukes to oversee

13. Currently Dorchester Colts/Juniors -Andy Stiles steps down, Position remains open.

14. Colts/minis/youth programmes Geoff Wiltshire steps down – Steve Membury U18 captain and organiser, Dan Dukes to oversee

15. Social Secretary – Dave Civil steps down, Dan Dukes proposed by Dave Civil, committee voted in favour

16. Mixed Captain – Proposed Pete Russell, Proposed by Stiles, Seconded by Hemingway, committee voted in favour

17. Easter Secretary – Currently Steve Dymott – remains

18. Coaching Manager – Ian Metcalfe steps down, club to recruit Lee Connelly, Dan Dukes to support and act as second in command.

Redlands – Facilities Status

Ø Redlands will cater sides at £10 per side and guest side. – Will be invoiced along with pitch hires

Ø Need to have a social and Steve Dymott will express our club thanks. The Spa did a great job in hosting us in 2008-9 season.

Ø Clubs are awaiting on College’s Solicitors for feedback

Club Merger

Looking at the benefits and pro’s/cons of merging. Benefits include shared insurances, better leverage with suppliers, covered mixed, junior sides, greater affiliation and access to more grants. Any merger would give us greater standing with EHA and other development programs such as sports centre’s of excellence – some shared committee roles.

Identified Negatives – we don’t have clarity on the single bank accounts, financials but do we need to merge finances just yet?

First Motion; Should we progress with the merger concept?

Proposed by Andy Stiles – Matt Walkden Seconded proposal – Motion carried in favour 11 positive.

Second Motion: How to handle the merger concept

Do we assign a working committee of 2 to 3 merger – 2 people as developers of the idea plus a deputy to provide input. Chris Hemingway to provide input and advise where needed.

Dan Dukes, Seconds motion – – All committee approves.

Andy Stiles – Dave Civil proposed to run the day to day planning


1. Club Day –need coordinator to work with Ladies…

a. Tentatively 29th August. – Dan Dukes to arrange co-ordinate social with Ladies

2. Drivers and transport – need to think about how to handle this logistics issue. – Scheme called Midas to investigate, and DVLA document to check/validate

a. Chris to talk to uDrive to look at rates

3. Umpires

a. Do we give an incentive to umpire – we will consider waiving the match fees, or if Level 1 qualified, then paid £15. Being introduced to encourage players to umpire. Proposal from Geoff Wiltshire, seconded by Andy Stile – Motion carried

4. Club Recruitment

a. Looks to Schools, consider any armed forces – Challenge Bovington to a hockey match – delegated to the local army camps – need Game and Social, and invite to Club Day

5. Fixture Cards

a. Fixture card gets cut back to a “Club Membership Card” and fixtures on web – proposed Chris H, Matt W seconded, committee votes

6. Kit and Equipment

7. Website

a. Be upgraded to support Easter, payments, sponsorship etc. Consider we use a 3rd party service to run, maintenance and give the clubs (men’s and ladies)controlled access to update the content management web platform – proposed by Chris, Seconded by Paul – AGM voted in favour.

8. Indoor hockey

a. Budget for new kit was £1000 in season, spent between £800-900, mainly on goal kit, and balls. Need more balls, bibs etc. Budget appears reasonable

b. Andy Stiles proposed new Away Kit (proposed light blue to match ladies away kit) – Matt Seconded – AGM votes in favour

9. Club Support and member commitment

a. Great turn out at Easter socials and park street shuffles – sold 50 Easter shirts within the men’s club, we are struggling to get 33 players each week.

b. We need to get members to “Offer” to help out committee, the running of the club, day to day duties and most importantly, we need to improve 2 way communication – members MUST improve response time.