2012 Olympics


The year 2012 will be a special year in the UK as London has won the hosting of the Olympic Games which we all hope will be a huge success.

The Sailing events for the games will take place in Weymouth and Portland and the world class facilities here played no small part in helping London win the hosting of the games.

Unlike many other Olympic events, many people don’t realise that the Sailing is quite unique in that the teams and competitors need to get to know the local area as if they have sailed here all their lives. This is so that they have a thorough understanding of the local winds, tides, currents and weather systems.

This means to the local economy that, following the closing ceremony of the Bejing Olympics, the eyes of the sailing hopefuls will turn immediately to Weymouth and Portland.

They will start visiting and very quickly make bases here to give them the best advantage when the races occur in 2012.

So, rather than be an event that lasts a few short weeks that summer, the sailing will benefit Weymouth and Portland for 4 years even before the races take place.