A Weymouth morning in August

I woke up early this morning and decided that it was a good day for an early morning bike ride. I’m not a fitness fanatic but I do enjoy my early morning rides so I set off from my house in Westham, rode through the Marsh Park where the cycle path winds through the trees on the side of the football pitches. The sun was shining and it’s rays bouncing off the dew on the mown grass of the pitches.

I jumped onto the Rodwell Trail which, for those not in the know, is a walking and cycle route that follows the old railway line from Weymouth to Portland. I was pleased to see that there was a few people already on the trail as well as me, some walking their dogs, some cycling to work, some cycling for fun and even a couple of people out jogging. I stayed on the trail only until I was as far as Castle Cove area and came off near Sandsfoot Castle which has been wonderfully restored to a point which now makes it a tourist attraction rather than an old ruin.

My ride took me back along Old Castle Road and onto Belle Vue Road where the houses are large and private, most have fairly large walls surrounding them and, in my view at least, one of the most desirable roads to live on in Weymouth. I was cycling in a trance really, happy with my thoughts and in a world of my own when a young Deer, a Doe I think, jumped out from the grassy verge and started running along the road in front of me, a little paniced she ran for a hundred yards or so and saw an open gate to one of the properties which she decided was less risk than having to double back and pass me so she darted in there and had dissapeared again by the time I passed the gate, still, a rare treat to see wild derr on the local roads.

Weymouth Harbour
Weymouth Harbour

I crossed the park at the headland with great views over Weymouth Bay and Portland Harbour, down the hill, across the footbridge and into The Nothe Gardens where the ticketed venue to watch the London 2012 Sailing Events was up until about a week ago. The track I used to use in what was the ticket area has been improved and is now tarmac and smooth, another Olympic benefit for the area. I keep to the edge of the park and skirt the western wall of the castle then down onto the Stone Pier.

With no wind and the sun still out I was seriously considering taking an early morning dip in the sea, it looked so inviting, next time I’ll bring my bathers I thought. At the end of the pier there were a few fishermen who’d been there all night, they were close to packing up but in good spirits as I cicled the raised section at the end of the pier and headed back to town.

I crossed the town bridge and kept to the waters edge where I had my customary cup of coffee overlooking the yachting activity in the harbour, I always use the Harbour Cafe as it’s first to open and they do a good drink in there.

I follow that with a ride along the sea front towards the Kings Statue and turn back to the Rodwell Trail and home, only 6 miles in all but the sort of views, encounters and fresh air that you just can’t get living in most parts of Britain, we must remind ourselves regulalry of how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful part of the coutry and of the world!