Budmouth paint Sailing Mural

Budmouth Mural
Budmouth Mural

Local Students Paint Mural for The Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy

6th form students at the Budmouth Technology College in Dorset were recently assigned the task of producing a mural to compliment the re-decoration of the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy (WPNSA).  Students were briefed to create ideas for the mural which would be sited in the main cafeteria of the WPNSA.

The brief asked for the students to produce an artwork that was dynamic and exciting whilst keeping to a nautical theme.  It also required the students to express the feelings of speed, movement and spirit of moving across water at speed.

The students quickly set about the task of experimenting with materials and mark marking with paint in an attempt to express movement and speed across the sea.  Complicated techniques of abstraction and stylising were investigated which explored ways to create a sail shape which would symbolise a flash of sails speeding across the eye without specifying a class or type of boat.  The students were keen to visually highlight the idea of being right in amongst a fleet of sailing vessels and attempt the very difficult task of showing some visual indication of what it feels like. 

Once initial concepts were presented, the team set about construction which involved the drawing and cutting of sail shapes and planning complicated fixing of overlapped sails.  The team involved, lead by Mr. Peter Beard, consisted of Tom Carr, Francis Sumby, Christopher Walters, Chai Yee Lam, Kara Burrows, Rachel Keogh, Jade White, George Aubri, Abbie Welch, Nicolle Castello, Declan Murphy, Nathan Moss and Lauren Smith.

Chris Knight, Business Manager at the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy, commented, “the talent of these students really shows in the final masterpiece.  It was a great project for the students to get involved in and also a great addition to the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy’s cafeteria.”

There will be a mini launch to unveil the mural on 17th June at 1pm.  Press are welcome, please get in touch with Kate at kate.holmes@fasttracksailing.com T. 020 7593 5265 if you would like to attend.