Committee Meeting Mens

Weymouth Hockey Club
Committee Meeting

Redlands Community Sports Hub

18th Jan 2010 7.30pm

Present: Andy Stiles Geoff Wiltshire Steve Dymott

Dan Dukes Dave Civil Patrick May

Matt Walkden Paul Wellspring

Club funds are in good shape at present but there are still some subs outstanding.

Action: GW to give a list of debtors to the Captains to aid collection

Dinner and Dance to be organised, the committee agreed that the Fairhaven Hotel would be a good venue. Dress code for the Dinner Dance is to be Jacket and Tie minimum.

Action: MW to give Mrs King’s contact details (Fairhaven owner) to Dan Dukes so he can make an approach to her on the subject.

Training sessions need to have a degree of variation of coaches, Lee’s still required but should alternate between the 1st/2nds training and the 3rds/others training with PM. Lee’s sessions need to have more doing and less talking about it. Also, sessions need to be geared towards what the previous Saturday’s game lacked so that these issues are better addressed.

Action: MW to talk to Lee and to pass Lee’s contact details to PM; PM to talk to Lee regularly to discuss alternating training sessions and focussing on the previous game’s short falls.

Re-arranged games due to previous cancellations are all in hand, a good away trip friendly is required and the Isle of Wight was suggested.

Action: DC to approach IOW club for pos dates.

Both Ladies and Men’s clubs agree in principal and suggest that the draft combined Constitution is to be prepared and readied for presentation to both clubs by their end of season AGM’s

Action: DC/AS to chase

!st Team
The first team have had fewer problems with injuries this season but desperately need to avoid relegation, AS is fairly positive about the 2nd half of the season. Fitness has dropped off over the Christmas holidays and needs to be addressed.

Action: MW to contact Weymouth ABC to take up their offer of fitness coaching at the Boxing gym.

Expenditure on new balls was approved but it was also suggested that team Captains are encouraged to charge people for balls lost by them. PM said that his previous teams have bought balls in bulk at very cheap rates and we should try to do the same.

Action: PM to ask old team where they got the balls from; AS to purchase new balls.

As the player purchasing of kit was approved at the AGM it only leaves the orders to be placed. PM thinks that a sponsor should be found to pay for or heavily subsidise track suits.

Action: AS to produce order form for Captains to give out and players to use to order their kit; PM to talk to potential sponsor about funding tracksuits.

Entries are coming in well although many more are required and a lot of marketing has been carried out to encourage this. Further meetings are taking place between our Festival Committee and the College to sort out details. It was suggested that the Club pub crawl on Saturday night be stopped as it is important that the club support the Saturday night entertainment that’s laid on. The committee agreed that it is important to support the entertainment laid on but then agreed that the traditional club event was a very good club bonding event. However, attendance at the organised event should be encouraged, to this end the Saturday evening entertainment should be in a town centre location such as the Pavilion.

Action: Captains to emphasis to players the importance of also going to the Saturday evening organised entertainment.

Astro handover
Currently our approved handover document is in the hands of the College’s Solicitor and we are still waiting for them to respond.

Action: MW to ask Chris Hemmingway to chase via our Solicitor.

2nd XI Team
It’s been a tough 1st half of the season but the League position is very good. Players work/social commitments haven’t helped but also cannot be avoided in many instances. More younger players are to be tried out in the 2nds promoted from the 3rds where possible as the club is expecting to lose quite a few players next season as usual due to younger players moving away to college etc.

Action: SD to call players into the 2nds from the 3rds once a mid-table finish has been assured.

As usual, Umpires have been difficult to get hold of, it was suggested that we ask the Ladies to assist more regularly recognising that they already do from time to time.

Action: Captains to liaise on the subject as they are already doing.

Meeting Closed 9.15pm