Great Team Working

Great Team Working
Sailing Workshop

Sailing To Success Leadership & Team Development Programme on the Olympic Sailing Course.
Weymouth Charters have joined forces with Sunsail , International  yacht operators and team development experts The Colour Works to deliver  their “Great Team-Working” Programme  with the classroom being fabulous high-performance Sunsail F40 yachts and the open sea.

Racing yachts provide a unique platform to help teams improve their performance.  They require everyone to pull their weight, at times under great pressure.  It needs clear leadership and communication where trust and collaboration are a must when forced to make split – second decisions.

Andy Wallace, Business Development Manager for Sunsail Racing said “We are delighted to be working in conjunction with The Colour Works and Weymouth Charters, sailing is such a team sport and is a great platform for really developing and enhancing team relationships, productivity and bonding. Working with The Colour Works is a natural partnership, which enable us both to deliver a superior Team Development programme ”

The “Great Team-Working” Programme improves team performance through a better understanding of different working styles – it’s as simple as that!

By understanding why we find some colleagues really irritating (and they us!) yet still finding that others are totally on our wavelength, we can learn to value the differences and play to each other’s strengths and to unleash the true power of team dynamics.

Giles Miskin, Managing Director The Colour Works, comments “After a ‘Great Team-Working’ Workshop your team will be buzzing, talking in colours and keen to translate the learning into better ways of working.  And with the training venue being these modern, high-performance yachts and the excitement of the open sea, your team will feel especially rewarded and motivated to make a difference.”

Roy Griffiths, Principal of Weymouth Charters, says ”Having been through the Colour Works programme myself I know how transformational it is and am very excited about being able to facilitate it onboard the Sunsail yachts in the sailing waters of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games sailing events.”

With the Olympics just around the corner, what better way to improve your team’s performance than with this unique opportunity – telephone Weymouth Charters on 01305 832512 or email for an information pack.