Jurassic Coast Fossils


Info for Fossil Hunters

There is a fossil collecting code of conduct from Exmouth and along the Heritage Coast to the other end which is in Swanage.

As long as you don`t dig in the cliffs in situ, you are allowed to take anything thats washed out of the mudslips by the sea and onto the beaches!!

By being freely able to collect from the beach your saving fossils from the destruction of the sea and key scientifically important fossils (such as insects fossilized ) must be registered at Chramouth Heritage Centre for the Natural History Museum to review  for a period of 6months!!

Some children on a fossilwalk collected fossil dragonflys by breaking them from the nodules on the beach these have now been registered for scientific value!

If anyone is seen digging or breaking any of the ammonite pavements they can be in serious trouble so no one should be seen doing this, fallen blocks and material washed out by the sea is all fair game for amateurs collectors, geologists and professinal fossil hunters alike!

There is a beach warden Stuart Godwin who patrols the coast to help protect it and the secrets it holds.