Lupus Fest

Lupus Fest
Lupus Fest

Lupus Fest is an annual music-based charity event based in Weymouth, Dorset which is intended to raise awareness of and research funds for the auto-immune disorder Systemic Lupus Erythmatosus and the associated blood-clotting disorder Antiphospholipid or Hughes Syndrome. 

This year’s event features more than 25 acts performing in 2 venues
over 3 days from 8th to 10th October.

Day 1 takes place in The Prince Of Wales, Park Street, Weymouth and features performances by local rock ‘n’ roll legend Jumping Jimmy Thunder with Barry Hobson plus Frank E Finn, Sammie and Groundsheet Lil & The Forces Sweetheart. 

Day 2 takes place at Number Six, King Street, Weymouth and features the first performance in 5 years by psychedelic marvels The Lucky Bishops (featuring Al Strawbridge from Gothic Chicken & Schnauser, Rich Murphy from The Lo Numbers, Tom Hughes from Gothic Chicken & Triops and
Luke Adams from Gothic Chicken); the 2nd performance in 14 years by awesome jazz / prog outfit Polygenes (featuring Chas. Dickie ex Van Der Graaf Generator, Robbie McIntosh ex Pretenders & Paul McCartney, Chris Lonergan and Chris Page); hotly-tipped up-and-coming jazz / punk / erotica duo Bebe & Paolo; Fast Stark Horrendous (from Keighley W Yorkshire); The Andy Grant Trio; Darrell Mitchell & The Occasional Orchestra (from Brackley Northants.); Garfields Birthday; Amy Mayes Band and Johnny King & The Night Larks.

Day 3 also takes place at Number Six, King Street, Weymouth and features performances by 60s & 70s veteran songwriter and musician Graham Dee; Kipper; Jenny Stanley (from Brighton); Ian Sedwell & Matt Benjamin; Damian Clarke (from Reading’s rogue-folk pioneers Pressgang);
Marc Block (from Nottingham); Tom Caulfield; Du Kane; Harry Hoskins (from local indie rockers 8 Days Later); Daniel Ison (from Notingham); Benjamin Horrendous; Roye Membury; Noddy Of Nottingham; Dream Boys? (from Reading); and Colin Howden.