Match Report Ladies

Weymouth Ladies 1 v Bournemouth 3

Result: 8-2 (Weymouth)

Team: Craven, Stuart-Smith, Foot, Restorick, Thomasson, Butcher, Stone, Squibb, Bloxham, Talbot, Drewitt, Dewey

League-leaders Weymouth Ladies played host to second-placed Bournemouth 3 in a top-of-the-table clash on Saturday. Seasiders set out with the intention of consolidating their position and maintaining their hopes of promotion. Bournemouth came out hard, applying early pressure on the Seasiders’ defence, and scoring an early goal that flew past the shoulder of Weymouth’s keeper to take a 1‑0 lead. Weymouth responded quickly and positively, and rapidly levelled the game thanks to a powerful strike from player/coach Susie Stone.

Weymouth subsequently maintained a sustained attack, moving the ball around the pitch and preventing Bournemouth from recovering their earlier form. With the midfield working well to distribute the ball, and attacks driving down both wings, further goals came from Emily Bloxham, Wendy Butcher (2) and Susie Stone to give the Seasiders a 5‑1 lead as the half-time whistle came.

Two of Weymouth’s key players had to leave at half-time to fulfil other commitments, and there was concern that the lead might not be enough to ensure victory if Bournemouth forced the weakened home side to adopt a defensive position for the duration of the second period. Despite the loss of captain Wendy Butcher and Emma Talbot from the midfield, Weymouth began positively and managed to continue attacking, as Bournemouth failed to capitalise fully on the Seasiders’ shortage. With the ball staying predominantly in the Bournemouth 25‑yard area, further goals for Weymouth were inevitable. With goal-hungry Lynda Drewitt selflessly passing up the opportunity to steal a goal, Susie Stone secured a well-earned hat trick with a drive from near the visitors’ goal. Bournemouth made some breaks into the Weymouth half, but these were typically repelled by a solid defence. Their tenacity finally paid off when the Bournemouth striker managed to loose her marker and score a consolation goal past a flailing Weymouth keeper, Alice Craven. Despite a couple more forays into the Weymouth half, Bournemouth were unable to recover, and were punished with two further goals for the Seasiders, with Lynda Drewitt taking the seventh, and a superb penalty flick from Jenny Stuart-Smith putting the final score at 8‑2. Weymouth’s promotion chances remain high.

MOM: Susie Stone