Nothe Fort, Weymouth, Dorset

With its network of underground passages, Northe Fort is one of Weymouth’s more unusual attractions, and one that is steeped in history.

Situated at the mouth of Weymouth Harbour, Northe Fort was constructed in in 1872 to protect Portland’s harbour, which at this time was becoming a prominent base for the the Royal Navy. Continuing its strategic importance into the twentieth century, it also served as a base for both the Royal Navy and the US Navy during the Second World War. Now operated by the Weymouth Civic Society, Northe Forte offers an exciting visitor experience for all members of the family.

The Northe Forte museum offers a vivid World War Two experience, with a host of wartime memorabilia including original British and American military vehicles and weapons, as well as exhibits documenting its earlier history. History is also brought alive at Northe Fort, the Fort being home to the Northe Fort Artillery, who in their full 1872 army uniforms, amaze visitors every other Sunday with their authentic displays of cannon firing and musketry. For those visitors who are really brave, the Northe Fort’s ghost tours offer the chance to explore the ghostly history of the Fort, which was voted one of the spookiest locations in the UK in 2007. Will you hear the haunting whistle of the the ghostly gunner reputed to walk the tunnels?


With a well-stocked gift shop, on-site café and picnic areas, Northe Fort is open daily during the spring and summer.

The Nothe fort was built in the 1860s on a high promontory at the entrance to the harbour. It has been extensively refurbished to become a premier tourist attraction and houses the Museum of Coastal Defence.

The grounds of the fort now form a pleasant park and a walk around its perimeter affords excellent views over Weymouth harbour, Weymouth bay and Portland harbour in turn.

During the summer months the central court yard of the fort is sometimes used for open air concerts which attract many excellent bands, last years events included tribute bands for the Beatles and Pink Floyd. So if you’re down on holiday be sure to see what’s going on at this fantastic outdoor venue.

Nothe Fort
Barrack Road

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