Nowhere Island is coming….

Nowhere Island is coming
Nowhere Island is coming

An Arctic island will journey south this summer to arrive for the UK’s hosting of the Olympic Games as a visiting island nation. On its journey, the island passed through International Waters and was declared a new nation with citizenship open to all.

Nowhereisland is conceived by artist Alex Hartley as a visually arresting public artwork – as one landscape moving though another and as a symbolic territory representing a global citizenry. Together with its remarkable mobile Embassy, Nowhereisland will voyage 500-nautical miles around England’s spectacular south west coastline calling at eight ports and harbours this summer. Beginning its journey in Weymouth on 25th July, the island then continues its coastal journey over six weeks, hosted by seven further ports and harbours arriving at its final destination – Bristol – on 7th September, whereupon it will form the basis of a weekend of performances and calls to action to mark ‘The Last Days of Nowhereisland’.

The Nowhereisland Embassy is a mobile museum packed full of fascinating artifacts and resources through which the inspiring story of Nowhereisland unfolds. Open daily from 12pm – 5pm you can meet the Ambassadors, become a Nowhereisland citizen, and find out more about the island’s origins and its growing constitution.

Nowhereisland journey dates –
Weymouth (25 July – 2 August);
Exmouth (4 – 5 August);
Torquay (6 – 7 August);
Plymouth (9 – 12 August);
Mevagissey (13 – 16 August);
Newquay (23 – 27 August);
Ilfracombe (1 – 4 September);
Bristol (7 – 9 September).

*Please note: dates are weather dependent.

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