Olympic Torch Route

Olympic Torch Route
Olympic Torch Route

Route Details

– all timings are approximate and may vary on the day

The Flame will be carried through the following places in Weymouth and Portland on Thursday 12 July:

The Olympic Flame is due to arrive in Chickerell at 5.41pm. It will be carried along Garston Hill (5.41-46pm) and onto Chickerell Road (5.47pm), past Budmouth School (5.58pm), and onto Lanehouse Rocks Road (6.05pm).

Wyke Regis and Portland – The Flame will be carried by a torchbearer past the Wyke Regis town sign (6.12pm) and along Lanehouse Rocks Road (6.12pm-6.17pm) along Portland Road (6.17-6.31) and then onto Portland Beach Road – due to arrive at the Welcome to Portland sign at 6.32pm.

Once it reaches the Chesil Beach Centre at 6.37pm it will go back into convoy mode and will be driven (and not visible to public) along Hamm Beach Road to the Weymouth & Portland National Sailing Academy at Osprey Quay for 6.42pm. 

Sailing Academy to Weymouth Beach – When the convoy reaches the sailing academy at 6.42pm the Torch Relay will go back into torchbearer mode at the roundabout and a torchbearer will carry the Flame to the entrance of the Academy. Once through the gates, (no public access after this point) the Flame will be carried down to a pontoon to board a sailing boat. The sailing boat will take the Flame out to a LOCOG rib which will then take it around to Weymouth Bay and transfer it to a torchbearer aboard a  rowing gig – which will be waiting around 100m away from the beach shore. The rowing gig will take the Flame to the beach where it will be collected by the last Torchbearer of the day and taken onto the stage to light the celebration cauldron. It is scheduled to arrive at the beach for 7.16pm and be taken onto the stage for 7.20pm.

The Flame will be carried through the following places in Weymouth and Portland on Friday 13 July.

For Portland Route and timings click here.

Weymouth – The convoy will arrive at Buxton Road (at the junction with Lodge Road) at 8.29am and here will go back to torchbearer mode. The Flame will be carried by Torchbearer along Buxton Road (8.30am-8.37am), round onto Rodwell Road (8.40am-8.41am) and then turn right into Rodwell Avenue (8.43am – 8.47am). At the roundabout it will be carried straight across (second exit) onto Spring Road (8.47am), then onto Cove Street (Brewers Quay on left) and Cove Row (8.49am), passing along the Quay side. It will pass (but not cross) Weymouth lifting bridge at 8.50am and passes the council offices at North Quay at 8.51am. It will then be carried onto Newstead Road and into ASDA car park for 8.55am.

Asda in Weymouth– Coca Cola’s activation site. Between 8.55am and 9.11am the Flame will stay in Asda car park while Coca-Cola run some activities, give out freebies etc at their ‘Activation Site.’

The Flame will leave Asda, via Newstead Rd, at 9.11am. It will turn left onto Westwey Road and then right at the junction and be carried along King Street (9.21-9.24am). From King Street, it will turn left onto the Esplanade. There will be a LOCOG-managed photo op at the Jubilee Clock on the Esplanade at 9.24am. It will then be carried along the Esplanade (9.24-9.29am), around the Dorchester Road/Watershall Road one way loop (9.29-31am) and on towards Greenhill (9.32-35am) and the Lodmoor Country Park car park for 9.37am – it will go back into convoy mode here (no longer visible to the public) and be driven towards Preston.

Preston – The Flame will arrive in Preston, on Preston Road, at 10am. It will change from convoy mode to torchbearer mode outside house number 37 on Preston Road. It will then be carried by torchbearer along Preston Road (10am – 10.18am) until reaching the junction with Sutton Road (on left) at 10.18am, where it will go back into convoy mode (not visible to public) and driven on to Osmington.