Surfing Seals at Sea Life Park

Windsurfing Seal
Windsurfing Seal

SEA LIFE seals give windsurfing a go

The seals at Weymouth SEA LIFE Adventure Park are getting involved in the sailing action this week with the addition of a windsurfing board to their pool.
“Seals are inquisitive, playful creatures by nature, and we are always looking for new activities for them as part of their enrichment programme,” said Fiona Smith of Weymouth SEA LIFE Adventure Park.
“Given there’s so much sailing going on in Weymouth at the moment, we decided to give our seals the opportunity to have a go themselves.
“A full rig with a sail would be a step too far, but they are really enjoying climbing on to the windsurfing board and ‘surfing’ around their pool!”