The Chalk Legend

The Chalk Legend
The Chalk Legend

Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy to Celebrate Cultural Olympiad

The Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy (WPNSA) will be marking the lead up to the Games this year with not only a series of sporting events but also celebrating the ‘Cultural Olympiad’ that reflects on arts and celebrates local Dorset talent during this special year. 

The 2012 sailing venue will be working with The Chalk Legend a large Dorset community-based music and dance project inspired by London 2012.  With the WPNSA being a hot spot for medal racing this summer, the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra in partnership with Dance South West, Dorset Music Service, Panoscope & Artsreach have also chosen to find a path to make 2012 memorable through a mix of music and dance.  The group devised The Chalk Legend, a large scale music, dance and multi-media event which will culminate in a spectacular presentation at the Academy.

The inspiration for The Chalk Legend is rooted in the past of Dorset, taking as its starting point, the discovery of the decapitated skeletons of young Scandinavian men, made during the construction of the Weymouth relief road, in 2009. A

The WPNSA will be hosting The Chalk Legend on site during Friday the 18th and Saturday the 19th of May heralding the start of the summer months with a project that has received the ‘London 2012 Inspire Mark’.  The performances are directed by Richard Williams, with designs by Jane Janey, choreography by Neil Brown, and lighting design by Fridthjofur Thorsteinsson. Costumes and props have been made by students from the Arts University College at Bournemouth.

Award winning composer Stephen McNeff, the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra’s former Composer in Residence, is writing a series of musical works that start at the village hall scale and work upwards to an astonishing presentation at the WPNSA involving over 300 instrumentalists, singers and dancers as well as featuring two international solo singers.

Tickets are £9 for adults and £5 children.

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