Weymouth ABC 2011 Presentation night

Weymouth Boxing
Weymouth Boxing


Boxing Club Presentation Evening.

Firstly welcome to you all and thanks for coming to support us on our special evening.

And a Big well done to every one from the Ladies Keep fit/boxing classes to the hard-core Boxers, & its impressive to see the time and dedication you all put in.

Also thank you to all our fans and Supporters and especially the Sponsors past & present.

We are a self funding club run by dedicated volunteers with the aim of promoting fitness, discipline, friendship, fair play, respect, confidence and helping increase the quality of life of local children and adults.

Are aim is make our sport of boxing & fitness affordable to all walks of life, including local schools and other sports organisations to promote their own fitness levels.

As a Club we always need funding for kit and equipment we rely purely on grants and donations, helping keep membership fees to a minimum. Please get in touch with the club if you would like to make a donation or maybe a raffle prize or any fundraising ideas or Sponsor the club in any way it’s always great fully received (not just in funds but your time also to help out)

We have had our own successful Weymouth Boxing show’s back at are old haunt of the Pavilion Weymouth & it all went very well (next show there this year in 12 th Nov)¬† again great show and a good venue¬† all great nights with great boxing.

Reflecting on the Clubs impressive season we have enjoyed a tremendous season.

Not only do we boast Junior Western County Champion in Toby for second year running (and he was runner up in UK semi finals) and Storm Southern Div’ Counties runner -up, but we also had 39 other bouts and have travelled hundreds of miles as a club.

We have travelled to London, Bristol, Torquay, Poole, Bournemouth (and areas) Bideford, Bradford, Bland ford, Wells Somerset, Sturminister Newton & many in between.

As a club we are going from strength to strength and look forward to a great busy summer season of training, boxing and keep fit and the fine tuning of all our boxers and look forward to the start of the new season starting in Sept.

Thank You all again for your time effort and Support & kind support.