Weymouth East PACT

PACT info page sponsored by wills.org.uk
PACT info page sponsored by wills.org.uk

The next meeting of Weymouth East PACT will take place on Wednesday 1 February at 1900h.  Please note new venue – Chaplehay Tavern pub in the skittle alley.  We are changing venue to see if it has a positive impact on attendance.  There is plenty of car parking near by.
As outcomes from the November meeting:

County Councillor Nigel Reed will be reporting back on the progress of the new Transport Package.

PC Plumley will be updating us on the plans for next year’s Olympics, in particular details of CCTV coverage

PC Holman, our new Community Safety Office, will be giving us an update on crime in Weymouth East, particularly in light of the recent spate of burglaries in the harbourside area.
I would appreciate it if you would forward these details to anyone that you are in contact with who may be interested in attending.  I know that Mike Holman is going to contact the community group at the Maltings and some other interested parties.  I would appreciate it if those of you who are in contact with Friends of the Nothe and / or Friends of the Rodwell Trail would forward the information
If you are unable to attend, please send some kind of report that can be admitted to the meeting.
If you have any suggestions as to other people who should be invited to participate in PACT meetings, please let me know.
Minutes of the previous meeting are available on our Facebook page – please use the page to publicise PACT meetings as widely as possible – it is vital that we increase participation if PACT is going to have any wider credibility.
Best wishes
Rachel Rogers (chair)
Weymouth East PACT