Weymouth Hockey Club

Come and join the club, no experience necessary, full training given. Either call the Club Captain, Andy Stiles, on 07740 300393 or just turn up to training on the Astroturf at Redlands Community Sports Hub, Dorchester Road, Weymouth.

Ladies 7pm – 9pm on Tuesday nights from the end of August onwards.

Mens 7pm – 9pm on Wednesday nights 2010/2011 season training has already started.

At an EGM on Monday 21st June 2010 Weymouth Hockey Club members from both the Ladies section and the Mens section approved the new constitution which is detailed below:

Weymouth Hockey Club
(incorporating Weymouth Mens & Ladies Hockey Clubs)

Club Constitution (May 2010)

1 Club History
Weymouth Mens Hockey Club was formed in 1895 and Weymouth Ladies Hockey Club was formed in XXXX. Both clubs have existed separately but have co-habited alongside each other at their home ground of Redlands since XXXX.

During that period the two clubs have worked increasingly closely; jointly organising and overseeing the Weymouth Easter Hockey Festival and the running of the Astroturf at Redlands as well as holding shared social events.

For reasons of social, financial and organisational effectiveness a decision was taken in 2008 to investigate merging the two clubs to form a single entity.

This document formalises the constitution and composition of the merged club, acknowledging where it is advantageous for the 2 sections of the club to merge and where it is necessary to maintain separate roles and processes.

2 Objectives
Weymouth Hockey Club shall exist to provide and promote the opportunity for playing hockey in Weymouth and the surrounding areas.

The Club shall organise adult mens and ladies teams to play in organised league and cup competitions and friendly matches against other teams.

The Club shall organise training and coaching for both mens and ladies to both support the Club’s teams and to provide the opportunity for its members to practice and improve their hockey skills.

The Club shall provide training and coaching to junior members of the club in order to promote development of junior players, recognising that the Club depends on a continual influx on new young hockey players each season.

The Club shall work with local schools, colleges, sports development officers etc to promote and grow the Club and the sport of hockey.

3 Membership
Membership of Weymouth Hockey Club is open to men and women of all ages as either playing or non-playing members.

The Club does not discriminate membership on the basis of age, sex, race, disability, sexual orientation or political affiliation.

Members must pay membership subscription for the year at the appropriate rate (as defined at the Club’s AGM) for the type of membership required. Membership fees shall be payable by all members before 31st October of each season.

Members must agree to abide by the Club Rules and policies and those of any bodies to which the Club is affiliated (e.g. Hampshire/West Leagues, England Hockey etc).

Members shall maintain a suitable standard of behaviour whenever representing the club – both on and off the field; in line with the Club’s expectations of its members.

Members shall be subject to disciplinary action for breach of rules and/or actions that bring the Club into disrepute.

The Club may refuse or cancel a membership at discretion of the executive committee for continual or flagrant violation of Club Rules, policies or expectations and/or otherwise bringing the Club into disrepute.

Members may be invited to become Honorary Members, Vice Presidents, Honorary Vice Presidents or Honorary Life Members at the discretion of the Club Committee.

Playing membership of the Club does not provide any guarantee of selection to any team within the Club.

3.1 What Members can expect of the Club
The Club shall provide an open and friendly environment for the enjoyment of Hockey that is free from bullying or discrimination.

The Club shall be organised and run in an efficient manner to achieve its purpose and objectives of playing hockey (as per section [2]).

The Club shall make use of Club funds gathered from its members in order to facilitate this but shall not spend Club reserves unnecessarily or for any other purpose not of benefit to the Club.

The Club shall achieve and maintain any criteria for affiliation to the relevant league organisations and to England Hockey.

3.2 What the Club expects of its members

Members are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that will only reflect honour on the Club, both on and off the field when you are a representative of the Club.

Members are considered to be representing the club at all times when playing, wearing club-branded kit or social shirts or attending training or matches (whether as a player, official or spectator), including travel to or from matches.

Members also represent the club when on official club business, including communicating with other clubs, league officials, local businesses etc. and when attending events or functions (including the Easter Festival) organised by or as a result of membership of the Club.

Members of the Club are automatically social members at the Club’s home at Redlands Community Sports Hub. Members behaviour on the premises at Redlands will be deemed as behaviour of a representative of the Club.

Players shall observe the rules of the Game as defined by the FIH and published in the Rules of Hockey. Players adherence to the rules shall be determined by the match officials. Incidents not observed by the Umpires should be reported to the Club by other members, players, officials or spectators – particularly if the actions endanger the safety of those involved or bring the Club into disrepute.

Members shall show respect at all times for other players (both on their own team and the opposition), umpires and spectators and shall refrain from using foul, abusive or threatening language and/or engaging in violent or threatening behaviour.

Members shall pay a membership fee to the club by 31st October each season unless by prior arrangement with the Club Treasurer(s) or the member has been granted Honorary Life Membership by the Club. The membership fee shall be determined by the club at each AGM.

Players shall pay a match fee for each game they play unless by prior arrangement with the Club Treasurer(s) or the Team Captain. Players who have not paid Club Membership fees may be asked to pay a higher match fee.

Players shall show respect and take responsibility for Club kit or property in their possession. The Club expects members to take care of such items and may seek compensation for loss or damage to items.

The Club expects it members to be proactive in working for the club and to take on roles and responsibilities as needed by the club and as can reasonably be expected of an individual; in order that the club’s objectives may be fulfilled.

4 Management of the Club
The Club shall be managed by the Officers of the Club.

Club Officers shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting. If posts are not fulfilled at the AGM then Officers may be elected to vacant posts at any time by the current Club Officers or at an EGM.

Together, the Officers of the Club form the Club Committee. The Committee itself shall consist of 4 sub-committees each with specific responsibilities within the Club.

The 4 sub-committees shall be:

• The Club Executive

• The Men’s Playing Committee

• The Ladies Playing Committee

• Junior Development Committee

The Committee shall:

• Meet at regular intervals throughout the season to ensure that the Club runs smoothly and effectively and that issues arising are dealt with in a timely manner.

• Have the power to co-opt non-voting members to fulfil a role or need identified by the committee to enable the committee to achieve its purpose

• Have the power to create necessary sub-committees or working groups in order to fulfil an identified need or purpose

• Have the power to appoint, until the next Annual General Meeting, members to replace any members who retire from the committee or to fill a vacant post on the committee

• Have a Quorum of 4 members for a sub-committee. For a committee meeting of all the Officers of the Club then a Quorum of 9 members shall be required.

4.1 Meetings
Club Committee meetings can whole-committee or sub-committee meetings as deeded appropriate to the issues to be discussed.

4.1.1 Committee/Sub-Committee Meetings
Meetings shall be organised by the Club Secretary, giving attendees 7 days notice of the meeting time and location.

Meetings shall be chaired by the Club Chairman or other nominated Officer of the Club

Minutes should be taken and any actions recorded. Any member present at the meeting may act as recorder. Actions should not be placed on persons not in attendance at the meeting.

Minutes should be disseminated to attendees and other relevant recipients within 7 days of the meeting.

4.1.2 AGM
The Club Annual General Meeting shall take place once a season and within 1 month of the end of the playing season.

The AGM shall be held at a date as notified by the Club Secretary (under the direction of the Club Committee) and giving members of the Club at least 14 days notice.

The AGM shall be chaired by the incumbent Club Chairman (for the duration of the meeting – regardless of whether they stand down during the Election of Officers or a new Chairman appointed)

Minutes of the meeting shall be recorded and actions noted by the Club Secretary.

At the AGM, members shall receive:

• Reports from Committee members
• Accounts for the financial year to 31st May

During the AGM the members shall vote to:

• Appoint an auditor for the Clubs accounts
• Elect Officers of the Club
• Set membership and match fees
• Decide on any issues arising through Officers reports or otherwise notified 7 days in advance to the Secretary
• Deal with any other business accepted by the Chairman

Voting shall be by simple majority with each member club present having one vote only.

4.1.3 EGM
An Extraordinary General Meeting shall be held if directed by the Committee or requested in writing to the Secretary by not less than four Club members.

It shall be held under the same provisions as an Annual General Meeting.

4.2 Changes to the Club Constitution
Changes to the Club Constitution can be proposed and agreed at the Club AGM or at an EGM. Agreement is by a 55% majority vote of those eligible to vote and present at the meeting

4.3 Club Executive
The Club Executive assumes overall responsibility for the running of Weymouth Hockey Club. It contains the over-arching ‘shared’ roles that steer and manage the Club.

The Club Executive shall consist of the following Officers:

• President
• Chairman
• Secretary
• Club Captain
• Treasurer (Mens)
• Treasurer (Ladies)
• Easter Festival Lead Coordinator
• Social Secretary

This structure recognises that the Mens and Ladies Playing sections have different financial needs and constraints and the need for separate treasurers to manage each half of the club.

The Club Executive focuses on enabling the delivery of the clubs objectives and defining plans for ensuring the long-term future of the Club.

The Club Executive shall be responsible for taking disciplinary action against any club member failing to abide by the club rules and shall have the power to impose any suitable penalty on any club member.

Any appeal against decisions made under this rule shall be heard by a sub committee appointed by the Club Committee from Club members.

The club executive may address any other matter that should arise and/or delegate a matter to another sub-committee or individual member as deemed appropriate.

4.4 Playing Committees
There are two playing committees (Mens and Ladies) within the club. Each shall assume responsibility for the week-to-week running of the Mens and Ladies sections of the club respectively.

Each Committee shall consist of the following Officers:

• Captains for each team (eg. 1sts, 2nds, 5ths etc)
• Fixtures Secretary
• Head Coach
• Umpire Secretary
• Club Captain (Exec)
• Treasurer (Exec)

The playing committee will focus on the on-pitch aspects of running the club – they shall plan and oversee training, selection issues, fixtures, kit, umpire allocation, league communication etc that are necessary for the club to fulfil its responsibilities for playing hockey.

4.5 Junior Development Committee
The Junior Development Committee assumes responsibility for the development of the young players in the club to nurture talent and ensure the future growth of the club.

The committee consists of the following roles:

• Weymouth Mini-Hockey Coordinator
• Dorchester Mini-Hockey Coordinator
• Club Coaches (Mens and Ladies Sections)
• Club Captain
• Club Welfare Officer
• U18 representative (Mens and Ladies Sections)

5 Club Colours
Playing colours for the mens and ladies teams have been carried over from the separate clubs in recognition of both the investment made in purchasing kit and the historical legacy the playing colours represent.

5.1 Mens Teams
Weymouth Hockey Club Mens teams shall play in red and black quartered shirts, black shorts and red and black hooped socks.

5.2 Ladies Teams
Weymouth Hockey Club Ladies teams shall play in red shirts with navy shoulders/sleeves, navy skirts/shorts/skorts (in accordance with league rules) and red socks with navy and white hoops at the top.

5.3 Other Teams
Other teams representing Weymouth Hockey Club (e.g. easter, mixed, indoor, or touring teams) may wear other coloured playing kit as agreed between the relevant organiser or team captain and the club captain.

6 Club Funds
Club Funds shall be managed and controlled by the Club Treasurer as directed by the Club Committee to fund and support the running of the club.

Separate funds and accounts shall be held and maintained for the Mens, Ladies, Easter Festival and Junior Hockey sections of the club.

The status of the club finances shall be reported at the AGM.

Club membership and match fees shall be set by the Club Committee at the AGM under advisement from the Treasurer(s).

Note that there is not a need for parity in fees etc between the Mens and Ladies playing sections as each has different costs associated with playing in different league structures and the distances travelled to away matches etc.

The Club Treasurers shall agree and decide how to distribute income or share payment of expenses for activities undertaken jointly or for the benefit of the wider club.

Money can be transferred between the club accounts as deemed necessary by the Club Treasurers.

No person ceasing to be a member shall have any claim on the funds of the Club

In the event of the Club being wound up its funds shall be donated to a body or bodies having similar objects.