Weymouth Sandcastles

Weymouth Sandcastles
Weymouth Sandcastles

Weymouth Sandcastles Headline b-side Multi-Media Festival Finale

Passing Time, Act II of the Vale Brother’s ‘Time and Tide’ light projection at The Nothe Fort, Saturday 25th September. 

Nationally acclaimed artists Matt and Rob Vale have been commissioned to create a spectacular three part video projection event, celebrating the passage of time and our place within it called Time and Tide. Act II of this project, Passing Time, will be the climax of the challenging and thought provoking multi-media arts festival, b-side, taking place in Weymouth and Portland, 17th Sept – 26th Sept. Featuring in this dramatic and visually brilliant project will be sandcastles built by locals and holiday-makers on Weymouth beach during the summer holidays.

Time and Tide Act II Passing Time will take place at the Nothe Fort as a unique one off event. Completely filling the imposing inner archways of the Nothe Fort, ship’s bells and searchlights draw viewers into the site to experience a vast panoramic video artwork transforming this dramatic site.

Split into 30 second bursts of time, waves, clocks, timers and shorelines are weaved together by an inquisitive dancing figure and hundreds of sandcastles, built this summer on Weymouth beach, will be washed away by the ever changing tide line, like miniature versions of the fort itself. Over 30 minutes the fleeting, constantly changing nature of time provides a magical experience for viewers and an experience not to be forgotten.

Time and Tide Act I Catching Time has already taken place at Lydiard House in Swindon and Act III Mapping Time will take place at Rock Walk,Torquay. Each act of the piece brings participants and viewers together, celebrating their relationship with the locality, its past, present and future.

Commenting on the project Rob Vale said, ‘We hope that participants in making the film and the festival generally will see contemporary artwork that they can engage with and enjoy, we want to take an incredible space in Nothe Fort and present it in a totally new light, as a

unique experience of artwork in a site that people think they know.  B Side seems very much to be attempting this, to flip the familiar over and uncover the excitement underneath.  It shows a creative side of Weymouth and Portland that is less known but just as real and exciting.’