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Ghost Tours
Ghost Tours

There’s a very interesting chap called Dave Allan who knows an awful lot about the history of Weymouth and the good thing about him is he’s willing to tell you for a very small fee. It’s only £5 per adult on one of his Haunted Harbour Tours and they come highly recommended, I was lucky enough to be on the tour he did on Wednesday evening, 1st September which happened to coincide with his own 50th birthday.

We met outside Weymouth’s famous harbour-side pub, The Boot, on the steps of the Old Town Hall at 7pm (same time every Wed throughout the year weather permitting) where we paid our dues and Dave started the tour, a 2 hour gentle walk around Weymouth’s older harbour areas, stopping regularly to listen to tales of murder, doublecrossing, plagues and plunder with a dash of ghosts thrown in for good measure. It was all very exciting and as the night wore on the venues became darker adding to the atmosphere.

Dave’s talks were very interesting and kept going at a good pace with doses of  humour to keep spirits up. Elderly and children alike were transfixed and locals hung out of windows to talk to him as we passed their houses, obviously a good local character to be seen with!

The tour came to it’s conclusion outside a church crypt in a dark passageway before a final debreif behind the new Civic Offices, site of another massacre onFebruary night hundreds of years ago.

Read more about his tours and historical re-enactments on his website click here

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  1. Dave Allan

    Hi Matt,
    Thanks for the glowing report. Hope you enjoyed the evening? It was good to talk briefly during the Tour, and I’d like to meet up and chat about business advertising for 2011 if your’e available some time.

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