Shanty Theatre Show is a must for all

Shanty Theatre
Shanty Theatre

Last night Shanty Theatre Company put on their latest creation “A Rat’s Tale” at the Weymouth Old Town Hall as part of the Spirit of The Sea Festival celebrations. The audience were treated to great acting, a great tale and talented players making music and singing, it was a joy to behold and as interactive as you wanted it to be.

Memorable moments were the being witness to the sad demise of a Duvet and Pillow, but even a father’s death from the Black Death was kept light hearted and humerous.

The story tells of the Black Death’s arrival in England via the busy port of Weymouth and the effect that has on families and communities as it spread via the fleas on rats around the country.

The excellent play is on for another week or so now, dates and performance times can be seen in the Spirit of The Sea festival brochure so get yourselves down there. Dont Forget to buy your Magic Marmalade!

One thought on “Shanty Theatre Show is a must for all

  1. Mark Ford

    Well done the guys up at the Old Town HALL its great to see it getting used so much more and all the hard work put into it.
    Its also fab to see all the guys watching the play coming over to the best pub intown after ‘the BOOT’ to quofe so Ale.
    Good luck and well done.

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